Cloudy with rain off and on today and last night we had a bitchin' thunderstorm with lots of lightning. It passed within a kilometer. Scared the crap out of the dog but the lights were fantastic.

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Today was a nice day, it was very cool

last night we had a bitchin' thunderstorm

That's the first time I've heard a thunderstorm described that way! :)

We've just entered Spring here. The weather's not quite obeying the laws of the seasons.

Sleet and freezing rain today. I wanted to go shopping, but changed my mind because I'm not in that big a hurry to drive my car into the ditch.

19f this morning. Could not feel my face. Hands still frozen. Please send rescue.

The Las Vegas area has a cool week in store with lows just around the freezing point. We are not used to that! I think it will go East from here.

By the way, it's arctic stuff, can't even blame Cananda for this!


A bit brisk.

No, really freaking cold! But, it is almost winter in the Black Hills.

-27C (-16F) here but a little to the west in Calgary it's -50C (-58F) with the wind chill.

It is bright and sunny here in Seattle but it is about 32 F - which is what we consider cold (it does get colder than that but seldom for long). I grew up in Montana where it was so cold, your ears could freeze in a coupld minutes and when the wind blows, it is like being cut with a knife.

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8°C, cloudy, sun now and then.

Is that along the lines of: it gives you that warming you get after wetting youself that ultimately turns into a wet smelly mess?

Maybe not quite where I was heading but sure. Either way you are losing precious body heat.

Up here in Seattle, SCUBA divers drink lots of tea/coffee so that just before they jump into the Pacific they pee so that when it is less of a shock when they hit the cold,cold ocean.

In Fiji sunny as always. Extremely hot. Very humid. Loving it though.

It's been snowning all night and still snowing at 8:00 a.m. Looks like about 3 inches of that white stuff. Last time we got this much snow at one time was about 15 years ago.

It's windy lately in my country. I'm waiting for snow, it should be white all around already.

Going down to -31C tonight (-34 with windchill)

Sunny, but lots of snow on the ground. Chilly

-15C and about 1 foot of snowfall today.

@mike, lucky... you get snow and i get 32 degree fahrenheit air (with wind) in the morning... i wished it snowed in southern california...

I wished it snowed here as well. It is super duper hot here :/

@kal_crazy, i am personally not in the favor of the heat but I am thankful for what we have in Southern California than what other places suffer from... but lets be honest, California is the only state where you can go surf and snowboard in the same day :D

@Mike Askew, i have cousins who live in UK and they say it is great weather to play rugby, lol (London). I guess they are just used to the cold...

Unseasonably sunny with a temperature of about 10 Degrees Centigrade in Ireland today

. i wished it snowed in southern california...

My sister lived about 30 years in Tustin Calif, which is just south of Disneyland. She saw it snow, twice.

Now lashing rain - normal service is being resumed...

My sister lived about 30 years in Tustin Calif, which is just south of Disneyland. She saw it snow, twice.

Hmmm... well, then I have to wait another 15 years until I am thirty then... :(

It has been raining heavily here after several days of hot weather. Totally wonderful!

11° temperature here with little rain drops and temperature is in downward trend day by day.

hope it will be around -1° within 3-4days.