How does everyone go about purchasing long lists of IT equipment? Once you have what you need, do you send out the list to several vendors and wait for a price?

Also, who are some of your vendors? If you cannot list this because it violates the message board, please do not. I have been able to locate a few but would like to build a list that I can go do for general items and specific items.

I am new to the IT business and have been thrown a huge list of items to purchase. Some of these items are initial purchases and some are ongoing such as Cat 5, canned air, and so forth.


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My son swears by When I need hardware I just ask my son to get it for me and newegg almost always has the least expensive prices. I don't know about ordering large quantities of IT equipment.

I recommend It is highly use by hardware helpers here.

amazon is good. They have almost anything IT and price range is also good

I just put in a purchase order with our IT department and they get it all for me :)

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