Wonder whether other IT professionals are advertising in yellow page directories, or just online?

My company has been using local print yellow pages for years, but just read this article in B to B Marketing Magazine and made us think about the future.

Are Yellow Pages still relevant?

This Yellow Page blog pokes fun at the directories ith links to You Tube postings and shows that others are raising the same question.

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I think it depends on your market. I only look in the yellow pages for brick and Morter businesses e.g Carpenters not IT firms. I think online directories are better and if you have a website then you dont need online directories. Because the same why a client is going to find them they can find you (if your website is design with SEO in mind). If I were you I would review my website and the money I would spend on online directories I would give to Google adwords.

That is what I think hope it helps.


In most cases I believe the Yellow Book is still a good place to advertise, at least until it has been fully replaced.

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