sorry I don't if this is considered a support question I'm new to this. please advise me on what to do. I bought a used computer and the guy I bought it from installed all new programs for me and I have no disks/software. Anyway there was a problem with the cdrom and he put in a scuzzy card and external cdrom. however there was a problem with that also so I bought a brand new external cdrom memorex however they advised me to uninstall the roxio program which he put in there there is a conflict. Now that should not be a problem. wrong there is no uninstall tab. well I went to the add/remove programs. guess what most of the programs don'y show up. I have a gatewya E-3200 with a flaw in the design the way the ribbon goes from the external cdrom to the mother board so that's the reason for the external. now the new drive doen't even show up nor does it go into anything farless the install wizard. instuctions say if it donesn't start automatically use the start run ect... for the drive I put the disk in well that is the drive I put the disk in. I'm working from my lap top now. can I get some help please? thank you! I'm broke and can't afford a good computer unless it was free I would grateful for any help. :( :sad: :mad:

:idea:right click on my computer either on the desktop or on the start menu then left click properties. On the window that opens click on the Hardware tab then Device Manager right click on the device right click uninstall and then restart the pc. All done:idea:

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