I am relatively new to programming. Today I met with a headhunter. Without asking the question, this person told me that java was where it's at. I was surprised to hear this. I know java is widely used, but it seems like there are plenty of opportunities with C++ and .net, among the other languages.

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As if a headhunter would know anything about anything.

Java is where it's at, if you're a headhunter contracting to find developers for the enterprise systems of major corporations (which is where most headhunters place their candidates).

Alot of places in the UK seem to be mostly looking for C#, Java, C++ and php developers and SQL too.

Look for what industry you wish to work in and see what they want. What are you interested in?

Basically you can learn any language and come up in the industry. A hardcore techie would know that its not the language that's important. After all language is a way to tell the computer to do stuff. Learn one language thoroughly and you'll understand what I mean

timetravellers92 makes an excellent point ;)

indeed. After working with Java non-stop since 1997 I've been working in Unix shell scripting and C++ since november last year and hopefully will be until the end of next year (depending on budget and changing policies at the customer).

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