Hi all,

this is for all the forums, not this specifically.

I'm looking into an idea, and was hoping to get some feedback.

i dont know how many of the forums users are hobby developers, or professionals, but either way:

would it appeal to you if there was an outlet for you to sell your software in a big community of other developers selling their software also?

basically, there would be a standard ecommerce website like any other, but as developers you'd be able to add catalog items and sell your software to the general public.

this website would host, feature and promote your software for you.

I am a hobby developer, but have previously found myself wanting some software that would solve everyday issues, and was never able to find anything.

its just a thought for now, and was just looking to get your thoughs...?


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this sudha from [snip]. how can i sell softwares through my website?

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