Still finding my way around here.. Its a bit different once you join.
I always come here looking for pc solutions or legit software program recommendations.

I am female and married. Have 3 children.
My hobbies are Painting Old masters Impressionist Paintings and Computer Graphics.
Creating stuff.. a bit of computer graphics like banners and signatures..
Love researching.. mainly history of almost anything, and finding anything that is in the public domain or creative commons.

I have built a few websites, and own one of my own. I have built many forums up for others with all the graphics they need and layout..and have one of my own too..and yet not overly savvy with code. I know how to adjust some code to suit me..But I don't go too far into it..
I do know my way around a computer and how to build websites. Someone else has created the software. I just use it!
I still get stumped with many things. At the moment, Especially with Microsoft Office tools.. they are so annoying as they seem to change with updates. Mutating to stump me.

I still haven't found out where in here I put up questions regarding things I am stumped with.. In the hope someone more computer savvy can help!

Edited to say I have found the place I need to go to ask questions :)

Nice to be here.. I am sure I will be able to help with a few things here myself after a bit of a look at some questions asked by others... and there is so much more to see once I have joined , Loving the Internet marketing and web development areas..
Great site Thanks!!!

DB :)

very Detailed introduction. Welcome!