I have no idea where else to post this. I don't want to get too heavy about this and bring down the coool vibe in the lounge, but what/who the h*** is pro18.abac.com???

I'm the webmaster for my brother's website and the guestbook is hit with spam a dozen or so times a day. I delete most of them immediately and its' not hard, just annoying. Kinda like killing that mosquito that is biting you.

So I ran a search on google, ask, and even here on Daniweb... no one knows what or who pro18.abac.com is!!

Ok, I'm done venting... I feel better. Please return to your fun and relaxing lounge activities.


It's a client of APlus.net webhosting (that is, unless, abac.com is a scrape or mirror of aplus.net)

Well, that does answer one question. My site is hosted there! :eek: Hmm, time to start asking them what they're going to do about it. There are plenty of hosting companies out there. Thanks for the info Dani. :)

P.S. I love this place