My mom turns 50 tomorrow :)

:mrgreen: Happy Birthday, Mom! :cheesy:

Happy BirthDay Dani's Mom!

Hehe ... c'mon everyone :) Let's wish her a happy birthday so that tomorrow I can show her this thread and give her a virtual birthday card from 65,000 DaniWeb members!

"Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you..." etc. etc.

Time to celebrate with an el taco. :cheesy:

Hmpf, I'll give ya 2..... happy birthday!

(singing) "What day is today? It's Diane's Birthday! What a day for a birthday let's all eat some cake!"


But for real, I declare cake and ice cream at Dani's house. 7 o'clock, everybody get their plane tickets ready!

Hey Diane,

And Another 50 years... heh ,, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,


Apparently SOMEONE really wanted me to wish you a Happy Birthday....again *whistle*

So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! :cheesy:

Happy Birthday to Dani's Mom! Counting... to wish again! :)

Thanks for everyone's well wishes! :) My mom and I spent the day together out east window shopping in Huntington Village :)

Happy birthday Dianne! Can't wait till we all go bowling when the place is finished!

Happy birthday Dianne! ^^

Happy birthday to Dani's mom! :p

Happy birthday Dani's mom, todays 50 is like last generations 30!