My case goes like this, I started working in this company not a very long time ago just some several months back.The company used to have a website that is no longer working (when you type the address in the internet exproler it returns a page can't be displayed window ) I prefer asking these questions in the forum ,what makes a website inactive like this ?.Also I know a bit of html which I think can be used in web development and it would be a personal accomplishment if I would revive the website to be working again.I'm not very conversant with web devp'nt and I would be very happy if someone gives the direction to follow in doing such a task or what I should be equiped with to do this. I dont want to bug the boss with questions ,they may look stupid you know!

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Several possibilities come to mind:
1) your domain name registration expired, causing the DNS records to be lost
2) your hosting contract expired, causing the hosting company to take the site offline
3) your server is not running (maybe it crashed and noone noticed? I've seen it happen)
4) there's something wrong with the DNS records causing them to point to an incorrect location
5) someone broke into your server and took the site offline for some reason.

Or they just need to pay the bills

Well, non-payment would cause the site to be taken down causing one or more of the symptoms I described :)

Ok, Its nice that you are interested to make your company site active once again. But there are lot of things to be considered.

  1. You need to know whos is adminstrating the site?
  2. Even though you know the little bit html, that will help only to create the page but to host them ie. to keep them in server you need adminstrative privilages.
  3. Every site will be having one main file to start with that may be "Index.htm", "Main.htm" and so on.. Check whether they are present or not or else you have to create them. They are the Home Pages
  4. Check whether the Domain Name is still active or expired. Because your company needs to pay the amount for the domain yearly.
  5. Check whthe the Hosting Plan is active or not.
  6. To check whether the Domain Exists still or not, go to any Domain Search websites and check for the domain availability or go to and type the url of your company and check. If it shows that the domain name is available for registration then, it means your company has to register once again the domain name.
  7. The full Whois Details can be obtained at this url :
    There you type the Website address of your company and if it shows that it is already registered then click on the Info which gives you most of the details...
  8. So Ultimately you have to meet your boss atleast to know who is the administrator for the website.

Hope the above information has helped you a bit.. If you are having still any doubts let me know... :cheesy:

Ok Bye..


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