Hello. I am a technical support of our software company, does anybody have good ideas of how to create a better-than-live troubleshooting? Always our customers meet the same problem and I need reply them many times. I want to find a software to create a better-than-live troubleshooting, so I can enhance the efficiency.

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I am not exactly sure what you are looking for, but it sounds like you may be looking for a search-able knowledge base for your end user to be able to find common solutions to their problems.
i have used a software in the past called One Or Zero, it has two versions: free and payed for. The free one works as well as the payed one, the only difference is that the free one is one version number behind the payed.

it has a place for users to submit trouble tickets for you to deal with, and it also has the knowledge base function where you can put information on solving common problems.

hope this helps

A knowledge base is what you're looking for.
Makes answering questions that much easier and faster.
Expose parts of it through your website for customers to help themselves as well (but of course don't ever tell them to RTFM, at most hint that they can try the knowledge base for quick questions, that it may be faster than calling CS).
And if you get the same questions over and over again, realise that that means there's either something wrong with your product (it is apparently not very intuitive) or the documentation (not clear enough, missing something).

Good training of CS people is also vital. They should be expert users of the product they're supporting, knowing all the ins and outs so they can answer the most obscure questions rapidly.
And they should have short and well defined lines to the 2nd and 3rd lines, the people making and designing the product, for questions that surpass their knowledge (things relating to technical problems rather than user problems) and for passing along information that can lead to improvements in the product.

So most of your problem is NOT solved by a piece of software, it is solved by human beings acting professionally and by procedure.
Software can help in that. A good issue tracking system, a good knowledge base, a detailed list of phone numbers which mentions not just name and number but department and position and support level the person provides, maybe a secure instant messaging system running on the company WAN (or LAN if you're all in one location). Sometimes teleconferencing systems can also help (especially if you're spread across the globe).

We use Jira, SalesForce, Confluence, Skype, and a custom IM system. But mostly we use procedure and training.

Thanks for your replies. I have found a tool called DemoCreator. I downloaded the free trial version, it's good for creating the software simulation by recording the screen, I prepare to make a training course for my customers and burn it to CD, so I can send them or share it online to help my customers. It helps me solve a big problem.

Thanks yours!

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