Hi People, am doing freelancing as an IT and computer expert..i have been requested by a client to give a quotation for a servicing contract for
2 printers(Hp laserjet p2055 & HP 1200)
6 pc(dell)
2 laptops(Dell and hp)
1 fax machine (panasonic)
1 photocopier machine(kyocera mita 1620)

Am stuck and confused on how to give the price for servicing annually..how do i start,do i have to create a contract then post pricing per hour or monthly??
Please help fellow members

Thank YOu

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well you'll have to take into account all possible costs:

if those pc's fail, do you have to go there for support? if that client is two doors down the road, no problem, but if that client is half way 'cross the country, that might cost you a bit.

are you talking about just deliver-and-ignore? are they expecting you for updates, are they just 'leasing' the equipment, will you get it back and be able to lease it to another client before it's completely written off....

Yeah if they fail i have to go there..the client is located on the same town i operate..i have not leased the equipment's or machines i just do the servicing and maintenance ..

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