I receive the DaniWeb It Digest however I've never posted here before. Anyway, I'm having a problem with my Facebook account. I've posted this on another website, & no one there has been any help at whatsoever. I'm hoping that I'll find better help here & that someone may have a solution. The problem is this:

I joined Facebook recently & liked the old layout. Then I inadvertently clicked on a link in an email from a friend, which was suppose to take me to their Facebook page. Which it did, however in the process my account was automatically changed over to the new Timeline layout, which I absolutely HATE!!!! I need to know if there's a way to change my account back to the old layout, & how to go about doing it. Facebook help is absolutely USELESS! I did a Google search & found info that said to disable my account for 10-15 minutes & then log in again. According to what I read, if I did this, my account would then revert to the old layout. I tried that & the Timeline layout still shows up. I even deleted all temporary Internet files, all cookies, cleared my cache & deleted all browsing history, passwords & everything else available for deletion in my Internet Tools General Settings. Nothing seems to help though. I'm tired of messing with this on my own, so I'd appreciate any & all other suggestions as to how to resolve this issue. Thanks. P.S. If you gett the feeling that I'm mad....I'm beyond that....I'm FURIOUS!!!! I don't know why Facebook has to keep changing things. I wish they would just can't leave well enough alone!

I absolutely hate the timeline layout too, but unfortunately this is Facebook's new design, which they're rolling out to all members over time. Once you've been timelined, you're stuck with it.

Just to point out, though, you have no control how a website displays. Clearing your browser cache unfortunately won't solve the problem here :( There's simply nothing you can do about it, I'm afraid. It's the future. Learn to love it or leave it.

You have a few options:

  1. Join one of the "Timeline Sucks" fan pages and encourage Mark Zuckerberg to change his mind
  2. If you use Chrome, there's a Chrome browser extension you can use to hide the timeline. I've never tried it.
  3. If you use Firefox, there's a Firefox extension you can also use to hide the timeline. Haven't tried this either.

As I mentioned, I hate the timeline too, but in Facebook's defense, websites need to keep changing with the times or else be left behind.

P.S. Just noticed you've been a member here for seven years and this is your first post! So I'm sure you've seen all the incarnations of DaniWeb over the years :)

I'm of the mentality, If it aint broke then don't fix it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old layout. The saying simple is better applies here. It actually makes no difference now either way, as I've deleted my Facebook account. They can change Facebook all they want, I'll no longer be going along with them though. As for seeing the so called many changes here, no I have not seen anything of the sort. I signed up for the news letters so long ago, that I couldn't even remember my password. I don't even remember the reason for my signing up here. More than likely, it had something to do with a computer issue I was having at the time. At any rate, after that, I never visited this website untill I posted this topic. Since the problem referred to in this topic, has since been resolved, I'll say tanks anyway, farewell & be on my way.

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I do not have a Facebook account but do have a Yahoo account.
I hated their email account's new layout,resisted for more than a year to change to it.
Then accidentally I changed it.
I did not change back immediately,left it for a few days.
I like it now as it is.