I'm not sure if this is the place for this, but no place else seemed to fit.

I have a project that has gotten to the point of needing more rigorous version control as I am hoping to add more people to the project.

I managed to get TortoiseSVN running on my test server (Wamp on XP), but the public server is Apache 2.2.16 on Centos 5.7.

I admit I'm not a strong command line user.

Any recommendations as to a version control software package? Is anyone here using a recent version of SVN or one of the others?

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you may want to elaborate a bit.
are you the only developer working on this project? is your repository local or on a remote server? are you willing to pay for the program?

me, I've started on a few projects a while ago, which I don't always have enough time for, but since they could become a bit too big to just "remember" the entire evolution by heart indefinitely, I looked for a versioning tool as well.

since I'm the only one working on them, I opted to use SVN, with a local repository, and used a plugin which allows me to do about everything I need to do (while developing, off course) in my IDE.

next to that, I also have TortoiseSVN installed, and I must say, I have no complaints about this combo.

How many people are you adding? If your team consists of just two developers, try Kiln (based on Mercurial) for free. If you think you will have a huge team and need robust support for re editing history, try Git.

Most importantly, talk to your team.

Not many people on my team (currently it's two - well, me and another guy who checks in - but we're hoping to add a few more) Free is good. I have TortoiseSVN on my home test server. I'll look at Kiln too.


Great. Let us know how it goes.

Mercurial and Git are the current "favorites" in the open source VCS scene. SVN has somewhat fallen out of favor due to difficulties with merging branches.

We use SVN here and have no complaints, but we don't really branch and merge. If we were going to look into a new VCS, it would probably be Mercurial.

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