I recently changed hosts for one of my web sites. Signed up for a three-year term and all the bells and whistles. When I logged into cPanel, the account came with five e-coupons for advertising: Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing/Yahoo!, Miva, and Bidvertiser.

I am definitely not going to turn down an opportunity to do some marketing.

In any case, I am curious about the Facbook advertising. I created my campaign and specified the user interests, but it felt strange not having to specify keywords. Do ads appear in a user's browser just because they have indicated an interest in the interests you have specified for your ad campaign? Do they appear all the time, or randomly?

Anybody here have experience with Facebook PPC advertising? Was it effective? In terms of traffic sent to your site, how does it compare to AdWords?

This is new territory for me.

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It would be your best bet to voice your questions with Facebook. As far as how effective Facebook advertising is, I'll share this story I heard.

There was a guy who wanted to work for Microsoft. He paid Facebook to advertise only to people with said they worked at Microsoft. He advertised his resume. Low and behold, he got the job.

Depending on the demographic you're trying to access, Facebook is a very effective tool for advertising.

I have experience of advertising on facebook but I noticed that you would get clicks for few days and then number of clicks will decrease each passing day.

Secondly you asked about keywords or methodology which facebook use to show your ad; Facebook show ad as per user interests, likes, communities and goups which he/she has joined.

Ads on FB appear based on a persons interests, which is why it is good to use and test different keywords. You may not need to specify them but if you do you will get more targeted traffic that way. To have your ad appear is kind of like a competition in a sense, that's why you bid a particular price, to fight for a position on the browser. I have been doing FB PPC for a while, not only for myself but for others aw well. It is effective. Traffic on FB converts slightly higher than google but requires more follow-up due to nature of the traffic at facebook. CPC requires less maintenance over CPM, but CPM you can get clicks for less. If you need additional information you can check out this site that gives more detailed info on how to use FB PPC


I have gotten it down to as low as zero cents per click.

Thanks for the replies.

My site doesn't get HUGE amounts of traffic in the first place (maybe 1000 visitors per day), but it is interesting to watch results over the past two weeks since starting these new campaigns.

According to Google Analytics, over the past week Facebook sent me 59 visitors, which is nice. Google AdWords sends me less than 5 visitors a week. The big surprise has been Bidvertiser, which sent me 286 visitors last week. Wow! I wonder why? Does Bidvertiser target people who have never seen my ads before and are, therefore, more apt to click on them? Are people so accustomed to AdWords ads that they do not click on them? (I wonder why such a big difference?)

So . . . at this point Facebook does seem to be more effective at sending traffic to my website.

I would suggest using all the free codes and then deciding which sites work good. I know facebook does quite well for certain niches.

Facebook advertising is good way of paid marketing. Its really beneficial for your website.

Definitely through FB ppc ad you can get the huge benefit. First create the business ad on your business profile then update your profile , so this way all people that connected with your profile can get the notice of your ad. And this way more people know about you and you can get the more benefit through this way. But try to provide such a thing that be demanded by the people then they will definitely go to click on it.

FB may be great (at least, the service is working well), but may be not. Consider your aim and the possibilities FB gives you first, then make your decision.

maybe you could try an easy-to-use yet powerful Facebook Campaign Management Tool like adsage for Performance.

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