Divergent! It is a wonderful movie.


Well what can I say. The trailer was totally misleading, here I was thinking it was gonna be filled with scantily clad grecian woman amazing special effects, this was about the only time I was looking forward to the special effects as 'Greek Myth' can be done quite well.

But alas, boy was I wrong, it was some twisted script citing the legend of Hercules was exactly that- a legend. IMO it was a cheap trick for a low budget movie. Instead, we're bored with a few war scenes.

Thoroughly disappointing. Don't go and see this, you'll fall asleep. It was only marginally better than transformers.

I must admit divergent caught my eye.

I'm looking forward to seeing 'Lucy' which appears to be a spin off on 'limitless.' The previews/trailers look pretty good.

Just watched 'Columbiana' with Zoe Salamander and I thought that was pretty good, though the movie got bum reviews.

I just saw Being There again. A classic that was quite possibly Peter Sellers' best movie.

The other week I saw The Inbetweeners 2, very funny but for a very select sense of humour!

@iamthwee: I saw Lucy last week, I wasn't really impressed actually. Most of the cool scenes were already shown in the trailer

Recently seen "White snow and huntsman"....
Nice movie...good acting by kristen stewart.....

nick, thanks for the heads up, but I've got not much to do today so I'm going to see it anyway... I'm a sucker for those type of scifi movies that are too far fetched to make me puke at the ridiculousness of it, and when I saw scarlett jonhansen was on the script I was already sold. heh.

Yeah I think the inbetweeners should be a good hoot too.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. beautiful story

the pursuit of happyness good film and max payne, loved the arcarde game, film wasn't so great.

I loved Max Payne 1&2. Three was a bit too colorfull for my taste. Haven't seen the movie though

Guardians of the Galaxy -> very fun and great looking movie. The whole thing was very creative and extremely well done, first time in a long time I left the cinema wanting more. I would highly recommend it.

Sin City 2 -> Very interestingly styled movie, the visuals are stunning. But the stories are just "meh", very ordinary, and none of the characters are likeable and aren't particularly interesting.

Since it is worth to say, the movie I watched lately is, the Oscar winner "Gravity." What a movie it is!!! Simply fantastic and no wonder for winning Oscar.

commented: I hope it was a 3D version +0

I saw the Dawn of the planet of the Apes movie.It was nice movie.The apes have main role any way it is nice and good

Transformers: Age of Extinction. I was bouyed up by the fact that they replaced that silly Sam character but the movie was just sooo bad. So many questionable things in it, too, like that guy having sex with an underage girl. And what about Rachet! No spoilers so I won't go into any specifics but it was a bad movie.

Has anyone seen "Fury" yet?

Most war movies are such silly fake, so I am reluctant to waste my money.

Guardians of the Galaxy, nice action.

When it comes to car chase scenes, I still haul out the "The Blues Brothers" DVD every now and then.

Just saw the movie, Elysium. I'm glad I only paid $1.20 to get it from the library instead of full price in the theatre when it was released. The writers put almost no thought into this movie at all. There were plot holes you could fly a space station throough and the science was essentially non-existent although the commentary throws the term "Stanford taurus" around a lot. My son and I ended up pressing "pause" frequently to cry bullshit. Actually, that kind of got to be fun - more fun than the movie.

commented: Cheey and boring movies in fact science is way better +0

it's kind of a throw back but I just watched The Revenge of The Nerds

Saw the Hobbit finale. It's what I expected from reading the book - lots of fighting. Rewatched American Graffiti last night. It was while watching the credits that I noticed that Vic Spano was in it (he was a greaser who threatened Toad with a knuckle sandwich). He is currently an occasional guest on NCIS as FBI agent Tobias Fornell. He's really aged. I guess that means I'm getting older, too.

The Hobbit Battle of the five armies i think reverand jim

Just saw the movie, Paul. It's a hoot. Of course, I've come to expect that from Simon Pegg & Nick Frost.