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I don't see any changes for my sites. It's pretty weird to have DaniWeb in such dire 'relationship' with good ole G', I'd expect the SE traffic to be really good for you, based on the quality of the content here and the activity. Oh, well ...


It used to be, definitely. We got hit by something (it wasn't Panda or Penguin) in November 2012 that seemed to have affected other programming forums at the same time. We've been on a steady decline ever since then.

With regards to my dire post yesterday, it wasn't as dire as I had thought. Google Analytics was just much farther behind than it usually is. There was a hit, but it wasn't as terrible as I had thought. Even so, it doesn't seem like there's any increase in SERP traffic for us lately.


Well, according to some rumors softer panda has hit the Google ranking but still can't confirm it there are just soo many rumors going down there about the change in the Google algorithm, it makes just impossible to decide wether it is true or......

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