Please how can I get a software that can encode my movie to flash movie,
Adobe media encoder and its Adobe flash coulden`t work in my pc,problem of activation.

Is here any other soft ware that can do it for me perfectly, please kindly direct me to any movie encoder software that can do the same work for me, Adobe has not being kind at all

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what format is you movie,

i have never used it to flash but i used this free studio of 41 programs in one download ,some work ok for me some don't .

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Try this

What is your budget by the way?

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Theres also a good AVI to SWF converter in Camstudio, the free screen recording software.

the problem of adobe flash is solved, I uninstalled it and reinstall it back ,it work fine now thank you all, I will take note of the software that you advised me to use

Also, check out ffmpeg - free, fast, and converts just about anything to anything else in the video universe. Usually it is used on Linux, but there are Windows builds as well. Here is a link to those:

The main ffmpeg site is

Adobe Media Encoder, usually comes with the CS range packages when you install Adobe Flash

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