What you are seeing here is what sometimes happens after I tap the 'Send' button. The page semi refreshes as if it is processing my post and then appears as you see it there, as if it's still in edit mode but without the 'Send' button. What I have to do next is select and copy everything I've written, refresh the page, paste my comment back in, and then click the 'Send' button again. It always posts okay on the second attempt.


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That's by design. The button goes away to ensure that you don't click it again (and thus create a duplicate post) while the submit code is running.

Just be patient, it should finish in a few moments at most and then refresh to show your new post. Sometimes server load causes things to run more slowly than we'd like, but I haven't ever seen replies take more than about 5 seconds to finish.

If you're getting really long wait times, please let us know.

Sorry about that ... we've been experiencing bad issues lately related to connecting to the database and memcached servers, which is most likely the reason for your issue. I've been up nights and around the clock working on it.

Did you find that this was not DNS related? The last I read from another post was that the latency cleared up when you configured IP rather than hostname(s).

It's still happening, but not nearly as frequently.

No complaints here! Improvise, Adapt and Overcome! :)

Yeah, based on the comments you made in the other thread, it still doesn't sound like its related to name resolution.

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