My Quick Time didn't function so I deleted it in favor of Quick Time Alternative. But I cant get rid of quick time. Every time I go to a site that requires Quick Time I get an error message saying I need a plug-in 5 or later. Additionally my Quick Time Alternative doesn't kick in. what can I do? I have Windows 98se.

Thanks in advance

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I am not sure what browser you are using, but you should be able to set the application which is trigger on specific file extensions. Set the application for your extension to the alternative and hopefully that will solve you issue.

Doing a system restore TO BEFORE YOU CHANGED ANYTHING would work also :)

1) Bootup and press F8 until a menu comes on.

2) Select option 5 (Command prompt)

3) Type this @ the prompt: scanreg/restore

4) Select an entry from before you changed things

Good luck..Welcome to the site!

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