hey i want to create two buttons namely** submit** and update button in one page,but i need to knw wheather both the actions of the button can be performed in the same page or in diffrent page,if it is to be performed in diffrent page,how do i do it??

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what do you mean 'page'?
the best thing is to perform the actual actions in a servlet. and yes, why would you have to create a seperate jsp or servlet?

Well, the best way to do that is this as I see. You can have many buttons like Update,Delete,etc.. and give them seperate names on the same HTML or JSP page.

Then you have to submit those value(names of the buttons UPdate,Delete to another JSP page or a Servlet page using a form's Sumbmit button.

After your new JSP or servlet page get those button names, you can perform different actions for different buttons by their name.

So the button are in the same page. Work of all those buttons are done in another page.

You are thinking of somethik like this I think


Are seriously suggest you to go thourhg the whole website. By the question you asked, I am guessing that you need to learn most of the stuff in this tutorial and others are aslo there. http://www.javatpoint.com/

Silvercats: having a lot of code snippets and "in depth explanations" doesn't make a site a good, let alone a reliable, source to learn Java.
Javatpoint, for instance, is a very bad site. even though a lot of it might be correct, the author himself has limited knowledge of Java, and the concepts it uses, which doesn't make him a reliable 'tutor'.

as an example, go check what he writes about interfaces (and I quote)

Multiple inheritance in Java by interface If a class implements multiple interfaces, or an interface extends multiple interfaces i.e. known as multiple inheritance.

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