Hi, I'm doing a research paper on Software Engineer and I am required to have an interview as a source. I have a few questions and if they could be answered, that would be great.

1.) What are your regular duties on the job?
2.) What type of training is needed to have a career as a Software Engineer?
3.) What is your salary?
4.) What type of degree is best for a Software Engineer?
5.) Which colleges provide good courses for this field?
6.) What type of environment do you work in?
7.) What are the work hours like?
8.) What do you enjoy about the job?
9.) What do you dislike about the job?
10.) What advice do you have for someone who is curious about a career as a Software Engineer.

Thanks in advance to whoever answers the questions. This will help me a lot.

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1. Create and improve (parts of) our software package.
2. You need to be analytical and logical.
3. Although I wouldn't mind stating it, it really depends on your region and experience, I doubt you have any use in knowing that.
4. Don't know what's best. I have a bsc in technical software engineering.
5. Also, very bound to a region.
6. Office, very open, no doors.
7. Floating, as long as I do about 8 hours a day at the end of the month and get the job done.
8. Challenge of finding a solution, or fix.
9. Ad hoc changes.
10. Choose a project and build it. Get someone to act as a customer.

Thanks, but could you please elaborate more?

On what ?

I'm a high school student and I need enough information to draw from to put into my research paper. If you could give more information on each question, it would be very helpful.

So I have to say the same (because the answers are clear and concise) but then in 500+ words per question ? I don't think so.

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