While i do a lot of google searching for answers to tech questions, http://www.experts-exchange.com/ comes up more often than not with the question i am looking for. But, there is a big ass red button that says view solution here, and asks you to join, and has different payment plans. I can't stand for that. But what i did notice is that if you cleared out your cookies, and went to their site for a question, if you scrolled all the way down past all of the adds, the peoples responses were visible. However, they are only available once, and if you leave the site and go back, the answers will be hidden.

Solution to this: either click the view cached button on the google search, or disable all cookies from the terrible website in your web browser. (In internet explorer, go to tools, internet options, privacy tab, sites, and enter the site into the box and hit block.

Now you have endless answers from a terrible website.

I hate EE. Whenever you visit all you get is a billion popups in your face... and doesn't it cost money to join their group? Why bother? I'm sure it has a lot of pro's, but again, why bother with so many prerequisits and other garbage you have to deal with?

Experts exchange is good, because it seems to have answers to the questions you are looking for. However, if i need anything, I now have DaniWeb ;)

Thats the spirit! We are making daniweb the next experts exchange one post at a time :)

Thats the spirit! We are making daniweb the next experts exchange one post at a time :)

Plus DaniWeb is the place where the REAL experts are. You can get answers here without being innundated with popus, clever cookie manipulations, fees etc.

I think the truth is clear: DaniWeb is simpler, more practical, easier, and BETTER.

Does anyone know how EE works? From reading a bit on their site, i see that people pay to get points to ask questions, and the person who answers the question gets the amount of points the person specified in the beginning, unless they decide to pay more points for a really good answer. Now, since people pay basically for points, the "experts" are getting paid in form of points. Are these points worth money? So in a sense are they getting paid to answer questions?

I think it would be awesome if we at daniweb got compensated by vendors for helping people with problems. Say for example, you helped a ton of people with problems with their nvidia cards, or recomended them enough times, a nice shiny new one would appear on your doorstep with a thank-you note on it from nvidia. Wouldnt that be nice :)

Now that would be worth dying for. Hell, I'd quit college for a few months, help ppl out/recommend products and get new computer components.

Lets see...I need

1 AMD Athlon X2 CPU
1 ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo
1 ASUS EN7800GT Dual card GPU
1 Creative X-FI Fata1ity
1 Creative Gigaworks 7.1 surround system

Ahh bliss

lol, it sounds like i would be joining you also if this were true!

EE is a good site. They went commercial a while ago which is sad but understandable given the cost of running a major site like that.

Getting compensated by vendors would be cool. But having DaniWeb adopt the same system as EE? No way.

I am not an EE user but I was under the impression that the "experts" don't get paid. Instead, from what I understand, someone asks a question. Then, multiple people respond to the question. The person who asked the question then chooses which reply was the most helpful to them, and that person receives points for having the best answer. "Experts" then accumulate points just to earn good reputations on the site.

I am sticking to my position: I prefer DaniWeb.

I am sticking to my position: I prefer DaniWeb.

I concur. This is the best place for solutions...

Like I knew you would. I wonder if Dani agrees...

daniweb is my favorite website :D

EE used to always piss me off because it would always appear in my search results, and appear to have what I was looking for, and then I couldn't view the solution - VERY frustrating. Luckily it doesn't appear in my search results anymore. Maybe I'm just searching for the right things nowadays :)

EE experts mostly don't get paid, except insofar that I think you can get a free membership (extension) for providing enough answers people like.

Used to use them a lot before they went commercial, now I hardly ever go there at all.

I've been an expert there till December 2006 when they suspended me for trying to "educate" another expert that called me names.
The admins failed to correct this expert and instead of suspending him they suspended me <LOL>.

Now (like many other former EE experts) I've switched to www.thescripts.com where you can ask Q's for free and experts are valued. The traffic rates for EE at www.alexa.com are really dropping since they rolled out the "new look" and the latest trick to force people to pay is to make the answer comments blurred...


I've been an EE member for years, only really started using it properly now though. Glad I did sign up for that one question years ago - means my account is free hehe.

Fact is though EE is a good site if you need something answered. Responses are fast and there are plenty of solutions to choose from. Think the only benefit you get from points, apart from the pride (and rank) is a T-Shirt when you reach various stages.