I ban you for stealing James Bond logo

I ban you because.. you.. banned me!

I ban you for having 007 in profile pic

I ban you for having a pokemon in your profile picture

i ban you because other persons are also banning you..

I ban you for your silly profile picture

i ban you for having smiley in picture

I ban you for banning him who banned him who banned him who banned him who banned him... who bannned him!

I ban you for ask question to me

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I ban you for reviving this thread

ha ha i have strongly a mixed felling !!!!!1

I ban you from having an avatar that allows me to see into the future!

I ban you for joining in 2013, it's 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I ban you for dying in star wars

I ban myself for being awesome!!

I ban you BOTH for having me laugh

I ban you for being Junior Poster in Training

I ban all of you for not giving me any cookies!

I ban you cause you are banning all of us.

I ban you for saying that.

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Ok, next clever dick who posts here will be banned. I WILL ban you.