I have a c++ game that i made and i was wondering how i would make it so that i could add graphics, or just use the same basic concept of the game and just put those into a fresh game that i make with graphics. well my question is what is the best program, or way to do this for someone that's never made one with graphics before.

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Your probably best of leaving your project for a bit. If you haven't done graphics before, go here:
(double-click anywhere to bring up the site menu)
and learn allegro. Make pong or space invaders or something first, then go back to do your project. Basically just keep your existing logic, but get rid of all the printing to the console and replace it with graphics. It will be fairly hard to do. Depending on the size of your game, you may want to consider re-writing it around allegro.

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ok thanks ill look into this.

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i cant figure out how to add allegro to my compiler... i use dev c++ but if i cant get it to work in there then i can move to code blocks...

Sweet I have Dev-C++!
It's really simple.

Step 1: Tools -> Check for updates/packages...

Step 2: Select devpak server from dropdown box. You need "devpaks.org Community Devpaks". Then press the "check for updates" button in the bottom left.

Step 3: On the "groups" dropdown menu, select "Allegro". Then select one of the allegro packages (note: I tried version but it didn't install properly. Try 4.2.2)

Step 4: Click the checkbox next to it and press the "download selected" button in the bottom left. Then follow the installation instructions. Just keep pressing next, next, install or whatever, then finish.

Step 5: Close the download manager, and open a new C++ project. Select the multimedia tab, and choose "Allegro application". It will load some demo code, but you can delete that and put your own code in.

@skorm did you have any luck with allegro? i've got a similar text rpg that i was considering porting to allegro for sounds and some graphics but didn't try it out yet. seems to me like a daunting task especially since im new to the scene.

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Hey SgtMe;

If you know how to install allegro to use with VS2010 can you please explain. I downloaded allegro and looked everywhere in it to read a document about how to install for VS2010 but found nothing.

You looked everywhere? I looked for 5 seconds, no joke :D

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I would try using SDL. I use it and, it has many functions including detecting mouse and keyboard activity, multithreading, alpha blending, .ttf text, and audio.

For simple but excellent tutorials on how to get it, use it and, make games with it check http://www.lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/.

These tutorials show you all of the important parts of SDL and many cool tricks you can do with it. With simple lessons and example programs.

Have fun! :)

hmm you can try to learn C#, is like C++, but more effective

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