Hi, I am looking for the worlds most realistic open world racing game. My definition of realism is: 1: when youre going 200 miles an hour, and when you crash into a wall youre car is all smashed (need for speed has a huge problem with that). 2: Realistic driving physics, if you floor the throttle in the game, the car slides around and just doesnt start accelerating really fast. 3: Other stuff, youre car has a limited amount of gas, if you pop or loose a tire you can continue driving, and if you drive off of a cliff and land back on all four wheels your cars drivetrain, axles, and wheels break from the fall off the cliff. I would prefer the game to be mostly offroad. The games i have already played are dirt, dirt2, dirt3, Burnout Paradise, flatout, flatout2, GRID, MotorM4X, blur, Sega Rally Revo, Test Drive Unlimited, and all of the need for speed games. Thanks

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why dont you try to drive and act as your just playing?
because as far as i know,there are still no game that as realistic as that

I am just addicted to realistic games. I just don't get why people don't make games that real.

well its not that easy bro,but yeah sometimes,i also wish that there are a little bit more realistic games to play,but still im enjoying the games today.

There are no games that real for racing.

Forzas are very realistic in terms of physics and damage etc however they aren't open world.

There is no realist racing game.............

Tere are no realistic games but while playing games in 3d or in ps3 we can feel that we are playing real game but otherwise we dont feel anything

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