I've been a member of DW for over 9 years now but it just got me wondering now how old DW really is? Anybody have any idea? Dani perhaps can enlighten me? :)

Thanks Andrew. I also happened to check Dani's profile and it showed 11 yrs.. lol.. man, it's nice to see websites like this lasting this long and is still a thriving community until now.

You can also look at the older posts, it dates back 11 years.

I only wonder how many users are still around (that made an account 11 years ago)... aside from dani.

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I, too, have been here for 9 years; I am an intermittant poster spending almost all my time here in 'the lounge'. My current avatar was the very first one I used here, I eventually changed it to other things (to the surprise of many) then one day, it mysteriously came back and I haven't bothered to think of another one.

The site was founded in February 2002 when I was in college, but I didn't really start actively working on it until a year or so later.

another oldtimer checking in again, once in a while :)
Don't spend nearly the time on the web that I did in the past, returning to books, my first, last, and only true love (and second life, now there's a time eater, and you can program in it).

DaniWeb's been replaced by second life?!

not replaced :) Just haven't had much interest in coding and computers in general lately. Getting the bug again though.
Now, if you were to add an LSL forum...

What on earth is LSL?

yup :) pretty nifty little language, if rather localised in its application.