Five years ago I wrote in with the same problem. Forget what I did, but I managed to fix the right click button on the touchpad without opening up the case and it has been fine for 5 years. Two days ago the problem returned. Would really like help fixing it again, preferably myself and without having to open up the case. Will open it if I have to. No spills, no dirt, no other problems despite the ancient age of this machine, which I love--have written 3 books on it and now on my fourth. Thanks!

Re: Vaio old laptop right click button on touchpad stopped working 80 80

On the right side of your spacebar you will see the "ALT GR" key, and next to that key you will see the "Context Menu" key. That "Context Menu" key does the same job as right-clicking your mouse button. For example, if you want to highlight and copy the below sentence into your next book, highlight it with your left button as normal, keep the pointer over the highlighted text, and then press that "Context Menu" key.

Experiment by copying this sentence into your new book:

"BigPaw fires two laser arrows into the heart of the enormous scaly skinned titan that had been baring down on the princess. The beast clasps its chest, spins around three times while wailing a withering warble, and crashes to the ground."

Alternatively, have you considered getting a mouse? Admittedly, it would be no good in the park, on the train, plane, bus, or space station (I don't know where you like to write your books!)

Re: Vaio old laptop right click button on touchpad stopped working 80 80

THank you Big Paw! And for the offer of some text for my new book ;)
Thought I would post an update in case this might helps others. After I asked my question last night I typed the question into a search engine and read a lot of information about this and similar problems. It turns out the Vaio touchpad is a complex thing, can be programmed to work in a variety of ways. Just to see what would happen, I tried using the right click button in several ways--tried one-clicking, two-clicking, three-clicking. Nada. Then tried holding it down. And the menu it is supposed to bring up appeared! After that it worked as usual, that is, one quick click. Will let you know if this happens again. Also, will keep in mind the Alt GR solution. Cheers! Jane

Re: Vaio old laptop right click button on touchpad stopped working 80 80

Well, that's the best result you would want. I will try to be a little more thorough next time, and I guess this rules me out of being in a detective novel... What books have you written? How about a swashbuckling type story? I've got some great lines for such a story. Anyway, don't forget, it's BigPaw - one word, capital B, capital P. ;-D

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