I'm a 30 year old full time worker trying to learn programming late in life. I just wanted to know what programming language is the best to start learning. And is it best to get a degree or home school?

I started programming at 35, 5 years ago. There will no doubt be many different opinions regarding which language to start with but I'll suggest Java. In saying that, once you understand one, picking up other languages will not be as daunting as you would think. As for learning on your own or getting a degree (or diploma), I think a school setting is best and it makes you more hireable than saying "I learnt this on my own".

My 2 pennies.

Hi Marc 2 welcom here!
I don't know what the best computer language is.
But have a look on this site under Software Development or Web Development for languages where most members here talk about.
To find out what the most popular laguages are, have a look at this site.
Try out a language you feel confortable with.

It really depends on the things that you are wanting to do. Programming in general is a very broad subject.

If you are into web development then it might be an idea to choose something small, such as HTML.before tackling more dynamic and sophisticated languages such as PHP.

If your into hardware languages, complex systems that power intensive calculations and processes then might be an idea to take the C/C++ line.

I personally find that to get a grasp on both types of environments, python is an ideal candidate. The syntax is also very simple to understand and get to terms with it as this is one of the main reasons the language is being taught to children. Once again, it totally depends on your interests

One thing I do suggest, many will not agree with me.. Do not be one of those who state "I want to know every language" because it will just be like chasing the rainbow (so to speak!) The chances of knowing EVERY languag even if starting at the age of 2 would not be possible, IMO. Things in this industry change daily.

Also when it comes to learning; the saying "don't re-invent the wheel", which, to some extent is true. Don't do something that has already been done, unless you want to see the inner workings of it (come on, how many times have you took or wanted to take your PC apart)? Same principle.

Truth is, you can learn more about programming by taking part in an open source project that you are likely to learn by any book or reference site out there (although, these are good!!) I would personally recommend github.com - see if there are any interesting projects on there.

Anyway, welcome :)

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