Hello all. Im chantelle. I dabble around in different areas of IT. I'm into PHP now and so far I haven't found any excellent resources to learn from. Please share any advice you have on best practices for learning php. I'm not a complete noob but I'm far from proficient. Thanks.

I have not learnt PHP. But I think www.thenewboston.com has ample video tutorials for you to learn from.

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Hello and welcome. This site is a great resource for learning PHP.

Welcome to the forum! As with what JorgeM and m_ishwar have suggested, there are a lot of brilliant tutorials around the web.
You mentioned you "dabble around in different areas of IT", what other areas have you experienced?

the best place to learn PHP an not only php is : w3schools.com for beginners and php.net for advanced

Quoted Text Herethe best place to learn PHP an not only php is : w3schools.com for beginners and php.net for advanced

I would disagree, W3Schools has a proven track record of making a large number of mistakes with their tutorials which not only encourages bad habits but also can leave your code vulnerable.

The best place to learn any language is through the official documentation, so HTML would be the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and PHP through Zend (PHP.net).

Appreciate all of the suggestions. @keysrecover + @AHarrisGsy - The PHP manual is not something I can learn from. Programmers told me to use it only for reference. Its too difficult for practicality! As for the actual learning, I have began the new boston php series. I'm a visual learner and things are starting to fall into place now after seeing php live.

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I found this site to be extremely useful. Even with all of the online tutorial or online mentoring involved, sometimes it's just great to meet with other programmers, in person. I,too, am more of a visual learner.
I found a cool meetup group for developers locally that I go to once a month. I tell ya, sitting with advanced programmers for 15 minutes and watching what they do can save hours of headache. That was an additional approach other then online communites.

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Welcome to DaniWeb Chantelle! I had learned PHP through simple trial and error, and I speant countless hours on sites like DaniWeb seeing what others were doing with PHP and being a spectator most of the time. I would see the questions that they posted and then I would learn from the responses from the others.

The PHP manual is the holy grail of resources for information about PHP. It doesn't have information on building an entire web app from front to back, but it gives accurate information on the different parts, which in turn can be used to piece together what you're wanting to do. I don't have a suggestion for any one particular place to learn PHP, only because I had gotten it from everywhere. I spend most of my time in the Web Development area of the forums, see you around!

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