I'm getting complaints today that the site, API, and chat room are all acting really sluggish and a bit funky. However, I'm not able to reproduce anything out of the ordinary. Can I get specific confirmation, please?

Network inspection screenshot attached. Taken while running my DwArticleWatch API client. Default response always was below 2 secs.

After hounding James that the issue isn't on my end, he finally found the server issue causing the problems!! :)

I'm personally having my own internet issues atm, which is making this take a little bit longer to fix. /sigh

I was getting some funky problems earlier today, but nothing at the moment. For example when I clicked on menu Geek's Lounge it would time out and return an error. But that was about 12 hours or so ago. No recent probleds.

yes, it was fixed about 10 minutes after I posted :)

Seems fine here.

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