hi guys, im learning c++ on my own and i have finished reading and studying E-book by Tony Gaddis ("starting out with c++, from control structures through objects, student value edition, 7th edition ")

now im completely "lost" , i have searched google to see reference, but there are too many references and i cant decide which book/reference/suggestion that i should take

anyone can help me out? which i should study and why?
please explain it.
thx for your patience :D

note : sorry for the bad english

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note : sorry for the bad english

Don't underestimate your command of Engligh language -- its much better than many native English writers I've seen.

err yea i have, but i dont know wihch book to choose at my level .. i mean i have learned binary trees, template, stack and queueus, recursion, and im interested to learn gui c++ with Qt 4.X.X , but i dont know if im ready or not at my level right now because i dont know what is the c++ basic minimum requirement to learn gui Qt (i already read the first 20 pages Qt tutorial and im quite understand it, but i dont know if my current skills at c++ is enough to learn the gui, so i decide to learn more about c++)

note : sry for the bad english

You don't need c++ at all to learn GUI -- afterall, it was originally written in C, not c++. As long as you have basic understanding of c++ you should be fine with QT. Anything you don't know now you can easily pick up while working with QT.

note : sry for the bad english

Please stop saying that. There is nothing wrong with your English.

oh okay thx! for the suggestion ancient dragon :D
i think im going to study Gui Qt and some c++ basic again (to ensure im doing it right and i dont want miss any basic understanding of it)
thx for your patience

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