i was looking up some websites for small scale companies around my area, during which i found a few websites that didnt really look much. i saw the html code , and also , seemed fairly easy and simple to me , a newbie html learner.
i was wondering if there is some significant relation between the quality of the webpage and the company itself... ? most of my friends whom i gave the links (of these few companies) to , told me the same stuff ,
** bad webpage > bad company **

would like to hear the opinions of the members on this matter.


The expression, "Don't judge a book by its Cover" came to mind first when I read your post. I've been to websites that look quite elaborate, but were basically style over substance. What makes a bad website is too much irrelevant junk, (some sites need some advertisements) poor navigation, and not living up to its suggested resources or function.

If it gives me what I want, without my having to work too hard to get it, (such as closing a barrage of ad's, waiting 30 seconds and then having to complete a CAPTCHA, etc) then that's good enough for me, I wouldn't care what it looks like.

That said, it would matter to me if I'm looking for support from a Web Developer. I would be interested in how their site both appears and functions, as well as look at some of their other work.

how about a site that mentions
no clients ,
no area of work ,
no tools they work with (iv seen a few site that mention this , and i like it)
and no past records.

It's a case of the company either needs to have enough funds to pay for a good website or know a dev that can do it for them at mates rates, other wise it's usually an off the shelf template or D.I.Y job.

That doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad company, they might be a top class plasterer who just wouldn't be able justify paying for a top website. The affect a website has on a company depends the company it's for really.

they might be a top class plasterer

nah :D i would'nt be searching for a plasterer's job.

thanks for the inputs. i guess i have an idea now :)