Hi Friends;

I have experience in PHP programming language started to be proficient with the more recent and would like o make a site like this http://www.yorungetur.com In my experience, the best way to learn it in order to win, and how can I do?

Have you searched for PHP tutorials? :)

Maybe you can use a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla instead of trying to handcode your website ?

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Buy a book from respected publishers like Apress, Wrox or O'Reilly. There are also hundreds of YT videos. However, very few elements outside books are peer-reviewed. That goes for online tutorials too.

You can use sites like lynda.com to teach how to do your site.

You could also learn joomla. It is a php cms application which widely used for building php web sites.
It is quite flexible cos it helps you manage site content.

I'm already using wordpress. How do I think it is a php.

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Wordpress, Joomla etc are cmses and they use a lot of user-defined functions. I would seriously think twice about using those as a basis for learning php as they could lead to a lot of confusion, as you try to implement some of those functions in your own code. In addition a lot of the code is object orientated, which makes it difficult to deconstruct for those new to programming. My 2p.

yeah dat is true. cms would not allow you learn from scratch. He could possibly get tutorials from php.net. to learn from scratch

thanks everyone. Thanks for all. :)

register in stackoverflow...it may be helpful for you

It's simple:
step 1: Learn HTML and CSS; learn to desing a web page
step 2: Learn JavaScript to make dinamic page on client side
step 3: Learn PHP to make dinamic page on server side
step 4: Learn Database design and SQL
step 5: Learn how to use Ajax - this is simple step after first 4.

After that you will be able to make a site like in your exemple. After that you will be able to make profesional sites.

step 6: Learn some graphics or make a friend who know use graphics software. :) On internet there are alot of usefull pictures too, to put on yours web pages.

For these steps you need time and feel.