I had to get the wife a new pc, she didn't want my 4 year old hand me down. While a 2.3 Ghz system with 3.5 terabytes of disk and 8GB ram are enough for her .5 hr a day use she wanted the new one. Having explained the situation I want to take my win7 drive out of my Inspiron and put it in her faster computer Inspiron too. Then take her win8 drive and put in my inspiron. So you see i get all the new hardware and she not knowing because the computer look the same. I figured ifI clear out the Device manager then turn off system to move drives I should be able to boot to a safe mode with Network I'm hoping. Then download any drivers it needs. Sounds good to me . What Have I missed. I have all the tools for any trouble that may occure Disk utilities and such.

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"What Have I missed."
-nothing, yet, but it's coming....
"I have all the tools for any trouble that may occure"


You can't just swap system disks. The OS was installed for specific hardware and will have drivers for that hardware. Even if you got installation media with those computers (and not just the usual restore disks) they will be OEM disks and will likely not be usable on another computer.

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