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If you analyze deeply, then you will find that everything is harmful in this world at some ppoint for someone and it doesnot mean that is bad.

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but i ma talking about fb

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yup .. facebook marketing is Important but you also have to Built Quality Organic Links , Forum Posting and Blog Commenting!!!


yes you are right but first you should check out that what is dicussing there ok


Hi Spyindiarahul,

If you are asking if Networking Sites - Specifically Facebook (as stated on your reply 6 days ago according to this thread) is of any harm to students, @singhabhishek25 already answered it by saying that "If you analyze deeply, then you will find that everything is harmful in this world at some point for someone and it does't mean that is bad."

And may I also add, this can only harm students if abused. By abused, I mean used wrongly such as harming other people's reputation and not balancing the time in using the said social networking sites.

On the other hand, when used wisely and managed properly, Networking Sites can be very beneficial.

I hope I understood your question, as I noticed you weren't satisfied with the replies you have received.


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Off Course, you are absolutaly right. social networking site provide a very good link because its directally connect to public. and if any one person are interested he will visit on your site. so, its provide very good link.

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