Hi friends..! Need little help here to choose a language to code my 2nd year project assignment. We are given to develop a 'Tank game' which will ultimately play over a network. maximum four players can join the game, there is a server application runnig on a server machine and each player need to connect to that server. Our assignment is to develop the player application. So each of our batch mates have to develop a player applicatioin which is intelligent and should be able to take decisions(e.g- turn, shoot , move) in order to win over other players. So my requirements for the language are

  • should support AI algorithms
  • GUI creation
  • network communication

I have quite a knowladge of Java and C. But I thought it could be easier if I can use a language which design to work with AI programming, but I don't know whether they will meet my other requirements. I'm kind of a quick learner so I can manage to learn a new language and work with it. So if you can suggest me some ideas it will be very helpful. And any ideas on this assignment, or how I should start it etc. are welcome. thank you very much...!!!

P.S - If my description doesn't make sense. please ask me I'll explain ot again, because I really want to win this game. :D

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I'd say if you have a good knowledge of Java already it's probably best to just use that. Another option is obviously C++ which if you know Java and C, you will most likely pick up very easily. I don't know if there's a language out there thats better for AI. There may well be something similar to OpenGL but for AI...


You can use Java programming language to code for your project. And in Java, there is a popular chapter i.e. AWT and SWING, that is best suitable according to your requirements. Or you can also use J2ME for gaming applications...

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