@diafol : what i agree upon is that the education system here is quite bad.

Theres nothing to hide regarding that. As AncientDragon had mentioned , a phd can be bought in the US as well as in India. These things hardly change in any part of the world. I'v seen people assume that indian student learning C must be programming with Turbo-C , I'v read words like "code-monkeys" in low wage countries , and many others . code-monkeys exist in any place where there's programming getting done. statements like

It's overall cultural as well, unwillingness to admit lack of knowledge to foreigners leading to misinterpreted specs, bugs that could have been avoided by asking a few questions,

really ? i mean it all made sense untill you add the cultural part. Even then , are there are no arogant know-it-all programmers in the west ?

It was sad to see such ideas about us developing amongst people from other countries. And though i would love to be angry on those who say such stuff, i cant because i know some "dumbasses" are always out there , making a bad name for more than just themselves.
In this case , the OP , and because of this and what i wrote above , i hoped that the thread could be deleted if possible. But i understand that its a bit too late for that.