Hi! I need help in deciding the topic for my final year project.. my task is to make multimedia content for education. Software that will be used is Macromedia FLASH.

I need to make an interactive content so i plan to make comp. simulation.

my listed topics are (well, i only need to choose one ^^; ) :
1. Computer Simulation of Computer Hardware Installation.
2. Computer Simulation of Medical Diagnosis.
3. Computer Simulation of Laboratory activities (physics, biotech, etc).
4. Computer Simulation for teaching ethics. (for conversation skills)

the simulation will be scenario-based, except no.3
Cases are pre-determined (limited to several cases with fixed description)

The student will be given the pre-given description. Then he/she will make the hypothesis and implement solution which will be scored.

Action for user are :
- choosing multiple choices
- drop and drag.
- click object (to investigate).

Hmm... my QUESTION is :
Is it possible to create that kind of simulation within 4 - 4.5 months? Is it complicated?
Seeing that I have never done any action-scripting.. ^^;
but i can totally focus on learning this because i don't have any other task to do within that time range.. 6o6;

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I think you can do it.
Technically, not to complicated.
Most important is the content. I think you will need more time to search and design. Choose the topic you know the most.

i am new to the forum. i have a similar problem. i have less than two months to decide on my final project and i am a student of computer science as well. i was thinking about making a website in flash but i am not so sure how to get there. does any one else have any better and easy but effective ideas as i am a working mom trying to complete my degree side by side.


thanx ^^

Based on my experience, I think it is easier create a web page using flash than html. (of course you should know html as the basic language). I use software swishmax2. Very easy. You can download free template (just use google to get the link, there are many), then you can easily learn how to do it.

Hello! I need assistance in deciding the topic for my thesis work. computer aided design for chemical engineers

@Abdul - I find it really surprising that you have managed to "dig" up a post from 6 years ago

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