Facebook sometimes suggests people with whom I can connect. Some of them are old contacts from high school.

However, the odd time I wonder if I have already sent them a friend request, which they have ignored.

My question:
Is there a way to tell if I have previously sent a person a friend request?
I have gone through several of the options and menus, but I can't find this capability. Am I missing something?

In LinkedIn, I can go to my Connections and see that I have X number of outstanding invitations. (Okay, fine, some of these people were marginal colleagues anyhow.)

However, I do not see the same information provided in Facebook. If I sent somebody a friend request six months ago, which they have ignored, it would be nice to know that, so if I forget, I won't bother them again.

The only way is by clicking on the suggested person that comes up and see. FB software engineers eliminated the whole "Pending Friend Requests"; in their software a long time ago.