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First it was geocities, then myspace, then facebook...

with the current backlash against Facebook selling out and ruining peoples privacy it looks like Facebook is going to loose customers.

Did you know that almost anyone can see anything about your profile - pics, feeds, comments, etc through Facebook new privacy settings that are not opt in.

I believe the next social network will be far more advanced in terms of geo features and real time streaming with custom friends lists that makes it easier to communicate with your 'real' daily friends. Of course it will also have strict privacy features.

What do you think?

I just read today that Google is looking to hire a "head of social." Too bad they missed the boat with "buzz" but i agree - i think we will eventually see the demise of Facebook and a newer/cooler platform will rise. If anyone is capable, it is Google...

Facebook will stick around.

Friendster was an upstart. Myspace became a place for bands and high school. Facebook started by catering to college students. It's appeal drew in those younger and older. Now facebook is so "established" that most people won't want to start over with a new social networking site.

That's what everyone said about Myspace but Facebook ended up taking over.

Thing with college kids is that they want something new for their generation.... new platform that they can call their own with special features.

Think Facebook will eventually be a backup sort of network where the old list of friends is. Most people have different groups of friends on Facebook and currently there is difficult to customize your mesage to different groups.

I think that there will appear something similar like FB, but much better and clean. Clean - means not filled out with spamm or accounts of people that doesnt exist, ect. But still, it will be question of the time. I think such phenomenons as social networks are not everlasting, sooner or later they will die or will be substituted with another similar, the new one, fresh, ect.

The real question should be - what will replace Google.

First there was AltaVista, then yahoo, now Google. Google obviously can't stay in that position for very long - this is the Internet folks and people - college kids especially - love innovation.

What will replace Google? Given how long Google has been around compared to Facebook you would have to expect Google will be replaced long before Facebook is.

I don't see Facebook going away any time soon. It's growing with both the older and younger generations.

Facebook is very fast growing social website and it's increasing member day by day. so it's very popular day to day :)

I think there will be much more understandable and easy social programme like as
for ex "meetpeople"=)

For anything to replace FB you'll have to combine more thing together and have much clearer, easier to control flexible privacy settings. I think it will be something that combines blogs/personal websites and social networking. Although with the increase in popularity of FB games it might be a new online gaming community rather than a social network persay that is the next big thing.

When it comes to marketing, I think Twitter will pass it. You can only have 5,000 friends on Facebook but there is no limit for Twitter. President Obama, Google Adsense, Oprah, Dr Oz, Daniweb and others are all on Twitter.

Facebook is very popular and growing day by day. Its really a good social website. For the next... let's see.

I'd like to know the same answer because Facebook is shutting down March 15th; and i have noo idea what that could do to the millions of people that use it

Facebook is not shutting down in March, that message is part of a well known scam that you appear to have got sucked into...

Replace Facebook ....... really !!

there is no one to replace Facebook...

facebook will ofcourse be replaced as friendster,orkut and so many other ,the new site clumspace is heard to be advanced with alien technologies ,high security ,too many feautures that never lets u get bored and most of all how many times one can do farming and farming and go on in facebook.

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