Too many people live and die by the number of Facebook Likes they or their business gets - people need to realize that they are a pure waste of time with the recent changes in how FB shows your posts in the Newsfeed - right now they show about 2-5% of your followers your posts so building Likes is really a waste - especially when you read artciles about how so few people engage with a brand after they have liked it.

You need to get beyond the Like and go to actual people - engage with them make a real connection and don't spam them with comments about your products or services.

You can buy clicks in FB and make money - you can engage with people and have them follow you and talk with you and eventually they might buy something but it all is about making a real connection not getting some arbitrary Like

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Yeah, I don't even understand what accumulating Facebook likes does for a business (even as far as social media is concerned)? For example, liking a page doesn't put it in their stream at all, right? Not even the 2-5% but not at all?? Maybe if there was a way to send out a mass message to everyone who liked my business page or something like that. Is there anything that FB lets us do with all those likes we've accumulated?

But isn't liking a page different than following it?

You are absulatelt right. But more likes means more engage of people. So you need real & fake both.

I agree with you I also believe in making real relationships but facebook is still a good source of exposure, you just can't totally rule-out social platforms.

Facebook forces you to create lists with the pages you liked so you can get them on your feed. Which is stupid. If I liked the page, of course I want to see their posts on my feed!

On the other hand, the Admin side... Facebook is prioritizing pages who pay for visibility. It doesn't matter if you're an active Admin, constantly posting content. Not anymore. It's a "If you pay us, we'll get your visibility/reach up" thing, now...

blackmiau you are quite right its not like the old times, now you have to spend some money to gain sufficient amount of visibility but I dont think the cost is that much, you cant totally wipe out facebook as a source of exposure it really is very powerful

I'm not paying $56 on a daily basis to get 230 likes on one of my pages. Not that much? For some people, sure, but not for someone who is unemployed, like me. Plus... My page has earned its likes because of its content. I'm not "selling" it just for numbers. And that's where Facebook is failing big. They only care about money, those who can't/won't pay are left behind.

Sorry for the late reply blackmiau, yup I agree with you if I can afford it this does not mean everyone else can easily manage to spend this amount of money on facebook, Everyone is craving for money these days, Even facebook has started to talk in money rather than giving reward to the hard work done by the people, well what can anyone do in this world were money is everything I also have strong believe in that quality work should be appreciated more than money, but it's just not a fair century in this specific time period it's just all money money and money.

Getting fake likes is of no use. If some pages are getting organic likes, it makes sense. People will follow the page and get to know about the lastest products or services.

Well nowadays fb likes are being obtained through paid stuffs .This actually wont bring any traffic or build the business.Its just an eye wash for people to show their number of likes in fb.I think in the future fb might remove pages having spam likes.

No it's not right mindstreak if you get likes through paid stuff then theoretically they are not fake, people like that specific page that's why they like it and if the content inside it is good then people will keep visiting your page frequently, mindstreak I think you are talking about fake likes when you pay facebook then that likes are not fake, fake ones are rather different from paid likes they are obtained from spammy tricks!

Fake likes are the same as paid likes, since people are getting paid to like random pages and have no idea of their content...

Yup you are quite right blackmiau I didn't noticed the point if people really do have no idea on the content and if it’s just liked by the people for the money then they are definitely never going to come back on it. But so far my experience has been pretty good with the paid advertising I've not just gained likes my talk about has also increased a lot.

Yes you are totaly right, now a day people all around the world upadate about their achivment, photo, statues for only getting more like. Its not good. People have started to live in imaginary world called Facebook. People are spending more time in facebook only which is not good in my view. They have stopped playing games outside at park etc. So facebook is decresing activity level of people.

On the other hand, the Admin side... Facebook is prioritizing pages who pay for visibility. It doesn't matter if you're an active Admin, constantly posting content. Not anymore. It's a "If you pay us, we'll get your visibility/reach up" thing, now.

I find that Deepak's comment cuts to the core of Facebook at this time. Organic reach has pretty much been slaughterd. If you want to get in front of people then you will need to pay. Even if you have liked a page legitimately it may not show up on your feed. It has now become about reach and to gain reach you have to pay or choose to pay to promote your posts.

Nice point Colorado, I also agree with you Facebook is pretty much dead now, if you don’t invest in it but I am getting good results by investment. I don’t know why so many people are complaining that paid strategies are totally worthless.

N, you are wrong

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The only value of Facebooks likes is image when you get traffic on your business Facebook Page. Focus on getting trafiic with relevant content to target customers. I also focus to adding friends that are target customers

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If you are liking page, then by default you are also following page. But, if you don't want to follow pages, you can unfollow any time. Getting a like for Facebook is not bad idea. If pages has more like, it signals as a trust factor to the audience.

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