Google and Facebook

Today these two company rulling the interenet world
earlier was Google vs Yahoo. Google wants to be No-1 in all platform but this is not happening.Facebook accuire and the giant in social networking,Google has more focus on seach engine he just ignore the impact of Facebook and social media sites
when he realize it was too late and coming with product like Google+ shows that Google is simply not serious. It is the Golden chance for Yahoo to Introduce a social networking site to the world but seems to be he also not intrested to compete Facebook
world need a fighter who can compete Facebook and Google

for social media facebook is king but in search engine google is king, meaningn is both are good in on way.

Yes, you are right Google is most popular and powerful search engine while Facebook is most popular social networkig site now a days.

I am totally agree with Pinaci.

Google is best search engine and facebook is most popular social networking site.

Now that sounds great idea for the Yahoo, It's becasue the craze of social networking like facebook and Google+ is now way beyond, yes there is no doubt that still the king of the social networking is the facebook but, we also can't forget that every thing has its own limit and after the limit put to an extent it gadually falls down, people are now searching for something much more intresting than Facebook or Google+ if just yahoo came up up with an idea of diverting the mind of the individual to something different and much more intresting than the facebook and Google+ i am sure the in this rush towards the trophy yahoo can came on the top because nowadays Google and Facebook are on head to head competetion. Yahoo can take the advantage of the competetion... :)

yeah, its real in todays internet world google and facebook are the both who are ruling the each industry. Google for serach engine ranking and fb is previously as fun taken but now a days its more business buzward. Through Fb people engaging there audience on their fanpages and starting to pramote there business.

Facebook helps to promote your business through the different age groups and google plus has more amount of reach and is set to be leading social media in the future.

Google and Facebook are both very important and popular.

google is search engin find datas
facebook is social media site only share in mation about us..

Google and fb are both important.

I agree with Pinaci, Both are kings at there category.

there are some competitors emerging for FB and Google like pinterest, tumblr, etc.

Pinaci You are right dude:)

Both are ruling in their own field.

Google is Search engine but Face book is social communication site.

both google and facebook need competition less we have a oligopoly of some sort

I agery tis article good one..

Both sites are good. face is popular for social media and networking than google is popular for search engine.

Why are your comparing Facebook, Google and Yahoo. You may compare Yahoo and Google. Those are search engine and Facebook is social networking site.

Facebook is a social platform, used for both entertainment and business.

Google is more than just a search engine. Google is, so far, the king of internet, with all its tools, while Facebook is a prince trying to get the throne.

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