i hope you all guys will be fine .Today i want to know from you that how many friends you have in the Facebook!
i have only 250+ and why you guys use facebook instead of other social network .i am using facebook to read new stories and for knowing the updates of my friends ............

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I have 2500+ friends, I use facebook for promotion of my products and online services.

Appromiaxly 400 have my friend

I wish more friend join my site

Appromiaxly 200 have my freinds. i so like facebook.

It's not about how many friends you have.

But I have ~140 if your wondering.

i also want more friends but you guys not tell why you guys spend more time on facebook

I have 300 friends on facebook

I have a personal page that has gone to the dogs (my friends have taken it over for the most part,) and two fan pages. One of them is growing every week and has already passed 600 "friends" and the other is just stale, and I should be working more on it. I'm a bit disappointed on FB because not all of your "friends" see your posts, unless you buy ads, so I use other social media more than FB. I find it more effective that way.

apparently, the amount of friends you can have is unclear but there are rumors where it is approximately 4000 friends. Oddly enough, people have gotten banned because they have sent out to many friend requests.

I have near 2000 friends and i rarely go on it... what is the point, you most likely won't know/remember 90% of all your friends on Facebook. Just like the old saying goes (i made it up, could be real), "Get your #%& off the computer and go outside and make some real friends!"...

Since you are wondering what i use facebook for, i use it as a tool that will remain idle for a long period of time (except fan pages).

I have a friend who has over 4000 friends on facebook, and the number hasn't changed in a while, so my guess is. he has reached his maximum.

@echo89, or he stopped accepting new friends and never returned.

No, he's often online, I think just over 4000 is the limit. 4143 to be precise.

And it has changed by one or two every now and then, but that's probably just people removing him as a friend, and then him adding someone else.

I have few friends on my facebook account , Because I do not add unknown friends .

Around 400 people in my freinds list.

Facebook is one of the best way to get traffic for site and from there you can convert lead into sell.

Even i have 150+ facebook friends and we use to share our interesting work and we get high amount of traffic from facebook itself.

I have 700+ fb friends. Ofcourse, not all of them are friends with me in the real life, but I still consider them my friends, my online friends. I use Fb for personal branding, updating my life, store my photos (memories) and sometimes for business, like sharing something about my business. Also, for keep in touch with my friends lifes.

I have only 29 friends in fB.

I have only 500 friends in FB so I want to increase ...thanks

why would you want that? the more 'friends' you have, the harder it is to have a decent contact with any of them, since you'll be dividing the same amount of time among an increased number of 'friends'.

the only reason for someone to have 'as much friends as possible' is that he is maintaining a commercial profile, and has his (possible) customers as 'friends'.

for me, persnally, I have (almost) 400 fb friends over several types
- friends
- family
- professional contact
- ...

who all get to see what's for that group.

I also have over 100 pending friend requests, which I tend to ignore, since I don't know these people, and I don't feel the lust to spend ten minutes clicking 'ignore request'.

I have 301 friends and 1343 followers

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