Hi all,
I have a server running a domain using windows server 2003. We are running a program which is somehow resitering a time that is different from that of the machine. I am hoping that setting "windows time" on the domain server to sync the times once at night will fix this problem. I have done some extencive research online and found nothing that allows me to set the time at which I want to run "Windows Time". Of cource that leads me to my question. How do I set the domain controler to sync the time at a specified time?

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Thanks for the responce. I did find information on how often it is run. I know where to find it in both the resigtry and group policy. But what if I want to set it to run at 2 am? I'll look at the GP once more to see if I can find an answer I'll post if I do.


I think you can only set an interval, not an actual time.

You could always write a shell script to sync the time by running the command and then schedule the script to run whenever you wantt

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