Happy Xmas, or whatever you celebrate, to each and every DaniWeb member. Have a good one.

Personally I'm trying to pretend it all doesn't exist, and that's why I am at work at the DaniWeb helm at 8am on Xmas morning - but apparently I'm just a bit weird... :)

Don't feel alone, there are other "weirdos" :)

Aside from the food, my family is not big into Christmas. Despite the moniker we are all godless heretics here. We also don't go in for the lavish gift-giving (obviously the recession was our fault). Our biggest gift this year was having our eldest son home from Long Island for an entire month instead of the usual 10 days. And even though we are a family of non-believers (God, Jesus, Santa) we take no offense at any expression of the season (Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc.) that wishes us well. So in that vein, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays/Hanukkah or whatever. I hope the season finds everyone happy and healthy.

Merry Christmas to y'all! Wish you all the best and good health. (and don't get too fat on holyday food!)

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Merry Christmas to all. Love, forgiveness and patience will be my watch words for the coming year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy holidays everyone!! :)

happy holidays! ^_^

I am confused. I say something about christmas and i get two down votes. What the crap.

If you are referring to that bullshit about Xmas as opposed to Christmas then you will continue to be downvoted for your repeated ignorance.

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I am confused. I say something about christmas and i get two down votes. What the crap.

Take care, cross-posting may earn you even more DVs. Without wanting to de-rail this thread, do you really need to know why you have so many DVs?

You burst onto the scene with a multitude of pointless and ignorant posts. Since then you have repeatedly provided members with ammunition to downvote your posts due to the pure inanity and "repeated ignorance" (to quote RJ) of them. Some members may have found posts offensive or may simply have just disagreed with them. A community member shouldn't be too overly worried about popularity, but there's a message for you here somewhere. The Daniweb community does not seem to value your contributions up to this point. You are the master of your own destiny though, provide positive contributions and I'm sure that you will garner upvotes. Remember that most members vote on post content rather than seeing a member's name and then voting accordingly, so it shouldn't be personal.

A small consolation for you only 34 members out of the whole 1,096,763 members disagree with you (0.003%). ;)

Anyway, an early Happy New Year everybody, I shall be away skiing in Bulgaria, for a week, so no more posts from Friday. :)

Now that Christmas is over for another year -- Happy New (Hicup) Year everyone :) I plan to have a glass of champaign with a shot of brandy on new year's even.