Hello to all, wherever you are. I am located on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Have been on Macs since my first one in 1994 bought when I was just a young fella of 68. All my friends tod me I was nuts, wasting money on a toy at my age. Well here I still am, and now on a G5 and some of my children have all the others that I chose not to keep. A flat panel G4 700 which our youngest son got, is now in trouble, and it looks like I will have to go rescue him! After browsing here, I gather that I may have a hard drive problem, and if that is the case, then I will have to pick up some heat sink grease, I suppose. Anyone else taken this iMac apart? I have had all of the others apart, changed drives, burners, but have not taken the gooseneck apart, Yet :confused:! Any help will be appreciated by the old guy! Thanks

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First off, welcome to Daniweb :)

Secondly, I LOOVE Vancouver Island...was there just last summer.

Lastly, I'd try posting this in the Mac forums (you'll get alot more hits there)

I'd move ya myself, but my mod power doesn't extend to this forum :o

Try posting in one of these forums.

Thanks again.


Thank you Sir! I kinda figured that I was in the right church, but wrong pew. Glad you like our Island, geat place to live, and I have lived all across Canada and in SoCal as well. Think I will replace my son's clock battery. I bought that iMac G4 May 2002, and in my experience those batteries only last a few years. Thanks to one and all for the welcome.

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