maybe i'm the 1st seen these problem, maybe i'm not...
i noticed before and i didn't make case, but now i'm horry about it...
i'm logined from 1h(maybe more) and everytime that answer me, i never recive a mail notification, because i'm logined.
i can tested more about it, but it's strange :(
how i know that?
1 - normaly, when i'm log off, i recive the mail notification;
2 - when i'm logined and i notice very time to answer me, i do page refresh and i see the answer, but not the mail notification.
these is strange, but i'm noticed now :(

now i did a new test: i was log off and i recive a mail notification.
i hope you see the problem.
thanks for all

Still confused :)

you posted, but i din't get the notification mail, because i'm logined.
i will trying test more.
have you reciving the mail notification about these post?

How do you know that this is not a delay created by your email server? In the old days, it was common for some emails server to be slow or have a naturally delay (and 1 hour wasn't uncommon). AFAIK, this is no longer a common issue.

There's just no way for emails to be sent out depending on login status. :-/

ok... i only refresh now and i see your answers but not my mails notifications :(
but i bet, that if you answer, tomorrow i will receive an mail notification, because i will be log off...
sorry if i'm, now, only me seen these. if both of you are logined and recive these mail notification, i must test with a normal user... because you are Moderator and Administrator(i don't know... i'm guessing that's why you recieve the mail notifications)

Oooh, I finally understand what you're saying!! You're not saying that you don't get them at all. You're saying that they just come very delayed. You assume that it's because you log off, and that's when you get them.

Watched article email notifications only get sent out once per hour. So if someone updated an article that you're watching, it can be up to an hour before you receive an email alert about it.

sorry... realy sorry... i will say it in diferent way:
- i'm logined: i don't receive the mail notifications about posts\answers... only about PM(i had tested too, by case);
- i'm log off: i receive mail notifications normaly.

Right, but what you are perceiving as being the difference between being logged on/off, is really that PM notifications are instant, and notifications about new posts are always delayed by up to an hour.

"and notifications about new posts are always delayed by up to an hour." they never came. but you said, yesterday, that is if have seen the post(like you said: "before an hour") then i don't need receive the mail notification.
to be honest these is a bad thing :(
sometimes i think that anyone can answer me and then i must refresh the page for sure.
sorry.. i think is a bad thing

i think the admins dint like your mail-id :D just kidding,during the registration process an option comes "do you want email notifications from daniweb?" i think u missed that.

i have that option selected... the problem is when i'm login in forum: i don't receive them(only about the PM) :(

i have 'Automatically Watch Articles I Post In?' selected.

heres the state:

if i'm login:

  • i can recive the PM mail notification;

  • i don't recive the post mail notification;

if i'm log off: i receive normaly the mail notification.

I already explained it. Here's a test: change your status to offline.

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