Hello. It seems that this and the other forum I have joined likes introductions.

I am a retired chemical engineer. I retired 5 years ago with a retirement plan that consisted of living in my vacation house (Astoria, Oregon), sitting in my recliner, being stoned all day and just reading good books. I thought it was a most excellent plan and was fully committed to it. However, after 5 years, 40 lbs., a couple of health issues and a house and property that is getting a little rundown, my wife somewhat firmly indicated that I might consider a new retirement plan that is a little more invigorating. So my new plan is to drop the 40 lbs., hire someone to cut the trees that grew while I was stoned in my chair (homey ain't going to do that kind of stuff anymore) and involve myself in activities that are a little less drug and recliner oriented. Ergo I have returned to school and am getting a degree in computer science. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of ever returning to the work world, but with this my wife has calmed down (happy wife, happy life) and I do have something enteresting to do.
So, hello and What's up?

Hi gwboolean, welcome at DaniWeb!
Did you know, that after a long debug session of a computer program and you finally watch it working before your eyes, you can have the experience of being in nirvana? Success with all you are doing!

Sounds like work to me. But I am moving forward and learning. Things are a lot different than when I used to program back in the 80s. It was much simpler then.

Hello and welcome.