For my assignment I had 2 write pseudocode for 1 task and now I'm asked to test the pseudocode.
Well from wot i no pseudocode isnt real code so how can i test it?

Task 4 – 6 Marks
Test the pseudocode written in Task 3 b) by producing test plans, desk checks and dry runs.

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Well, the pesudo code should be converted to a code and then try with some test input.

Well, YES, you cant just compile a pesudo code. So on what language are you suppose to implement the pesudo code. There are few tools which converts the pesudo code to code. But, you will have to learn the pesudo code standard and which that specific tools can understand.

Some hint on the looks like Yacc, Yapp. Wel those tools are used for compiler design but you cant use it for your application. They understand a notation called BNF.



I don't agree with the fact that you have to implement it. As the assignements states: write test plans and dry runs. That means that you'll have to identify where the code could break, what critical points are, are there range issues, what values are needed by variables to fall through an if/case/while/for (or not).

>dry runs
True, should have notices that key work.


>Well from wot i no pseudocode isnt real code so how can i test it?
The same way you test real code without running it: trace the execution with paper and pencil using a small amount of sample data. Not only does this give you a better idea of what your code is doing, regular paper tests help you to think like a compiler when you're actually writing code.

test plans, desk checks and dry runs.

"Desk checks" - there's a term you don't hear enough anymore. And to get students to do such - unheard of!

Narue's comments are spot on. If students (and real life programmers, as well) would spend more time checking, tracing, double checking their logic before ever touching the keyboard, so much anguish and time would be saved in the long run.

for psuedocode testing u can apply black box testing or u can perform the dry running on the code using dummy data

I have 25 programs to write in pseudocode as homework and THIS SHIT CANT EVEN BE TESTED HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO MY HOMEWORK

The same way an English professor might ask you to write gramatically correct sentences without access to a Word processor capable of grammar checking.

You should be able to understand waht's going on and submit something with confidence without it having to be run through a compiler to guarantee its correctness.

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